Today we are here to talk about one of our customers who recently purchase, the 25’ Heavy Duty Telescoping Flagpole. Scott H, who lives in a rural town in Virginia tells us about this amazing purchase and the great experience that he has with it.

He purchased the flagpole added a 3 x 5 marine flag, a solar powered top disk flag light, and golden eagle to mount on top of the pole. 

Scott states “I now have a beautiful, quality made, flagpole in my yard.  It is absolutely gorgeous!  The 16" Eagle you recommended is amazing as it sits on top glistening in the sun.  Stunning!  The solar light has surpassed my expectations.  It's perfect.”

This flagpole is a very solid purchase, and you will be very happy when you are able to fly your flags high in the sky adding a beautiful look to your property. As this flagpole is best in front or behind any homes, farms, or any 1-2 story building. The 3 different finish options allow you to truly customize your pols exactly how you like. Feel free to check out any of our sizes of telescoping flagpoles as we have all the options for you!

flagpole at night with disc lightflagpole with customer in front

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