Hello everyone and happy early Independence Day. As the 4th of July approaches and everyone is outside more, why not decorate your beautiful home with some of our amazing products. The main product that I would like to talk about today is the Professional Grade Wall Flagpoles. As these Flagpoles are some of our newer products, we wanted to let you know just how great they truly are.

With our patented counterweight system our professional grade wall flagpole kit is one you wont want to miss. This pole is ideal for many different locations but we have found the most popular and best are residential buildings, municipal buildings, schools, firehouses, and shopping centers. No matter where you mount this flagpole, we can promise that you will not be disappointed. With specifications like gold ball ornament for the top of the pole, a FREE 3' x 5' Nylon American flag, and a heavy duty aluminum mounting bracket, this is the flagpole for you.


wall flagpole

wall flagpole with counterweight



Feel free to check out a youtube video with an in-depth review from our very own Dan K. when you head to the Professional Grade Wall Flagpoles page today!


- Hayden S

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