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Randy's flagpole in his backyard

We have recently been in touch with many of our customers who have bought the telescoping flagpoles to see how they have been enjoying it. Recently, a customer of ours, Randy, who purchased the 25’ bronze telescoping flagpole told us how much he was enjoying his purchase. In his own words he stated:

"This is a fantastic flagpole. Extremely well-made and heavy-duty. I bought the 25’ telescoping version with bronze anodized finish and it’s beautiful. Installation was straight-forward and easy following the simple included instructions. I just put it up and have already had numerous compliments and inquiries. I previously had a different 20’ flagpole at my prior residence and this one is much, much nicer both in build quality and cosmetics. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the flagpole, and the customer service at Liberty Flag poles was awesome. Highly recommended!"

Randy's Flagpole flying in the wind

As you can see in the pictures Randy has his pole beautifully placed in his backyard. Sitting right next to a great looking water feature and flying high in the neighborhood for everyone to be able to see, Randy’s spirit flies high in the air with his flag and flagpole

All of the telescoping flagpoles come with may special accessories such as no tangling or knotting because of there are no ropes and pulley systems. Rather a 3-level button locking system with a clear polycarbonate pin lock collar to select whatever level height you would like to fly your flags at. This allows you have a noise-free pole with no ropes slamming the pole in any weather as well as giving your pole a sleek clean look.

Randy's flag flying on top of the flagpole

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Mark G Dalen

Mark G Dalen

I love this pole it looks very good quality it’s just what I’m looking for. I’m using it for another purpose not a flagpole.
It’s the best I’ve seen. I will be contacting you on your website next.

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