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A customer of ours, Tracy A. from Abilene, Texas gifted her husband an incredible birthday present. She purchased our 20’ Heavy-Duty Telescoping flagpole and put it in her nice-looking front lawn. As you can see from their beautiful house, they have added a great decoration that provides a stunning new addition to the property.

Tracy sent this picture back to us to show how much they both loved it. To put it in her own words, “This flagpole was a present to my husband for his birthday. He loves it!” They can now fly any and all flags they want to show their pride and joy in. Every day the leave and return home they have this beauty to remind them how happy they are to live on this astonishing property and be happy to represent us with one of our best flagpoles.

All of our 20’ Heavy-Duty Telescoping Flagpoles are anodized which means they have extra protection against elements giving you a better-looking pole for a longer period of time. Each. Pole comes with an easy to install ground sleeve as well as a free 4x6 Nylon Flag. To top it off we provide a 3” ball topper to give you the best flagpole out there.

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